The lost trail: Study finds Inuit losing access to old paths

Hunter, researchers say passing on of knowledge of the land is critical as effects of climate change hit

Access to long-used trails across Inuit Nunangat could decline sharply over the next 80 years, researchers are warning. Those findings are based on interviews with more than 270 people who travel across land, sea and ice by all-terrain vehicle, boat, snowmobile, and foot to hunt, and paired with climate data such as sea-ice projections. The...

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Learning about beluga whales in Taloyoak

Former MLA Jeannie Ugyuk, middle, cuts maktaaq in her home on Jan. 20 with Taloyoak Hunters and Trappers Association board members Elizabeth Aiyout, left, and Viola Neeveacheak. The three spent several days working on developing a sustainable harvesting plan for Taloyoak’s planned food processing centre. As Ugyuk cuts, she discusses the presence of beluga whales around the Boothia Peninsula, also known as Aviqtuuq. (Photo by Vincent L’Hérault)


Chasing the Atlantic cod with PISUNA

Part 2 of 3: Inuit-led climate stewardship program is example of applying traditional knowledge amid the sea of western science from the Arctic